9, Apr 2023
ADI Leak Detection

ADI Leak Detection is an expert leak detection service that pinpoints and repairs water leaks in a cost-effective manner.

They use non-invasive technologies to find underground and underfloor leaks in residential, commercial and industrial properties in the UK. Their experienced team of plumbers are able to work with all kinds of plumbing and heating equipment to locate leaks and fix them.

Hidden leaks lurk behind the scenes and can put your property and assets at risk if left unchecked. This is why a specialist company with the right tools can be of vital help to both homeowners and business leaders.

How ADI Leak Detection Can Help Your Business Avoid Costly Downtime

A leak is detected using high quality thermographic technology to capture the thermal difference between the petroleum product (e.g. oil) and the background environment. This allows a leak to be quickly and accurately identified regardless of its location, and provides data to aid in analysis, validation and reporting.

It also helps in the avoidance of false alarms by incorporating statistical methods.

ADI also uses the Distributed Temperature Sensing method to detect pipeline leaks. This technique uses fiber-optic cables to distribute a laser pulse across the length of the pipeline. When a vibration causes the reflection of this pulse to change, it is indicative of a leak and the pipeline location can be determined.

ADI Leak Detection has been around for a while now, and their experienced team are able to locate and repair leaks in a cost-effective manner. Their equipment is of the highest standard and they are now expanding their services to other counties in England.

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