5, May 2023
The End of Streak For the Cash

streak for the cash

The dawn of a new month might mean little to most sports fans, but it meant everything to a dedicated group of people who played ESPN Streak — or, as it was sometimes called, streak for the cash — a one-of-a-kind picking competition that became something of a cult of sorts over the last 14 years. And now, it’s over. The game ended September 30 with a mere week’s notice from ESPN, and it’s now a thing of the past — but not before accumulating millions of picks, hundreds of thousands of winners, and even the odd heartbreak. Read more https://www.streakforthecash.com

Unleash Your Winning Streak: Top Picks and Strategies for Success in Streak for the Cash

The free-to-play app is now part of ESPN’s fantasy app and has a new name, but the basics remain the same. The app allows users to collect streaks (a series of consecutive correct picks) and measure their performance against competitors with an innovative leaderboard that ranks players from top to bottom based on accuracy and streak length. The game also has new features, including avatars and emojis that indicate whether a player is hot or cold, as well as snarky commentary to help make the pickings more fun and entertaining. Beat the expert, which was added in June, is a new way for players to win additional prizes each month. Five players who have a longer streak than an ESPN personality are entered in a random drawing to win $1,000 each.

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