4, Oct 2023
Running Track Maintenance

Running track maintenance is an ongoing process that includes cleaning, inspections and repairs. Keeping your track in good condition will extend its lifespan and help it meet governing body requirements. It will also improve safety and performance for athletes.

A clean and well-maintained track is safe for all users. Dirty or damaged tracks can create rips and tears within the surface, which could cause athletes to trip and fall on the track. These are a serious hazard and must be repaired immediately.

Depending on your location and the environment, asphalt degrades over time, which can cause the running surface of your track to wear. Regular cleaning and maintenance can slow down this process and prevent premature resurfacing of your track.

The Ultimate Guide to Running Track Maintenance: Tips and Best Practices

The first step to maintaining your track is developing a comprehensive and realistic maintenance plan. This should include a specific schedule, tasking a staff member to take care of each maintenance item, and promoting the routine to your community members.

This should include daily sweeping to remove dirt, grime and other debris from the track surface. A broom with soft bristles is ideal for this purpose as it won’t damage the track material. A blower with a nozzle can also be used to remove objects from the track surface, although extreme care should be taken not to erode or damage the rubber materials. Keeping an eye out for weed growth around the edges of your track is also essential as these can quickly overgrow and create a slipping risk on your track surface.

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