25, Oct 2023
The Real World Andrew Tate Company

the real world andrew tate company

The real world andrew tate company is an educational platform that promises to teach its members how to make money using 18 modern wealth-creation options. The course offers step-by-step videos with tutorials and resources for students of all skill levels. The program also has a community where members can ask questions and receive support from instructors.

Some people wonder whether the real-world Andrew Tate company is a pyramid scheme because it requires its members to promote the site by posting TikTok and Instagram Reels videos with repurposed content from Tate’s YouTube channel, along with a distinctive sign-up link. It then rewards them with 48 percent of sales commission for each new member that joins through their links. This business model is known as affiliate marketing and it’s a common way to earn money online.

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In a series of videos posted to social media, Tate boasts about his luxury cars and private jets and talks about how he makes millions of dollars a year. His lifestyle has drawn a large following of people who aspire to live a similar lifestyle.

But critics say the app is a pyramid scheme and encourages sexism. The lawyers representing some of the women who have joined The Real World Portal have called for Apple to withdraw it from the App Store. Tate and his brother Tristan have been charged in Romania with raping women, but they deny the allegations. They are also awaiting trial on charges of human trafficking and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit young women.

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