8, Nov 2023
Enjoy a Yacht Charter in Mexico

From the cliffs of La Paz to the pristine beaches of Cabo San Lucas, there is something for everyone on a yacht charter in Mexico. This year-round luxury boating destination is full of excitement and culture – the perfect place to dance the night away, get pampered at a world-class spa or explore the sea life.

The Pacific coast of Mexico is home to a beautiful stretch of coastline dotted with white sand beaches. Known as the Mexican Riviera, this region offers up an incredible variety of experiences. Acapulco is a bustling party town that never sleeps. Its bars stay open until well after dawn and are surrounded by stunning bays filled with charter yachts.

Sail Away to Paradise: Top Yacht Charter Destinations in Mexico

Alternatively, sail into the Sea of Cortez and marvel at the dramatic red cliffs and mangroves that line the shores. It’s a place where whale sharks and sea lions can be spotted in their natural habitat, and snorkelers can take in the vibrant marine life of Isla Partida or Loreto Bay National Marine Park.

The cuisine here is also a must-try for any foodie. It ranges from Oaxaca’s complex molé sauces to simple seafront fish tacos made with fresh seafood.

The best time to visit the enchanting ports of Mexico is in the high season between November and April, which is also when temperatures are warmest and most pleasant. YACHTZOO’s team of expert charter brokers is always on hand to help you plan your trip to this inspiring yachting destination. We can arrange everything from your land transfers to arranging the perfect crew for your trip aboard your yacht.

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