19, Mar 2024
Tropicana Cherry – An Invigorating Strain

Tropicana cherry strain is an invigorating strain that balances euphoria with relaxation, providing a moderate potency level that is suitable for a variety of occasions. A sensory delight, this sativa-dominant hybrid’s rich citrus flavors are balanced by hints of tart cherry and earthy nuttiness.

A cultivated treasure from Seed Junky Genetics, tropicana cherry’s roots are anchored in cherished genetics like Cherry Cookies and Tropicana Kush Mints. In addition to these acclaimed parent strains, this cultivar also inherited traits from Sunset Sherbert BX1 and a special phenotype of Animal Cookies. These aforementioned strains have contributed to tropicana cherry’s rich citrus flavor profile, accentuated by notes of ripe cherries and nutty earthiness.

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The terpene composition of this strain is led by caryophyllene and contains a blend of other essential oils including myrcene, pinene, and limonene. These aromatic compounds offer a complex fusion of fruity and citrus-like aromas with subtle hints of pine and skunk.

Users share diverse experiences with this strain, ranging from a burst of energy rivaling Green Crack to tranquil relaxation akin to LA Kush Cake. Tropicana cherry has been found to foster creativity, quell anxiety, and enhance focus.

This cultivar performs well indoors and outdoors, with an easy growing cycle that culminates in a harvest of high-quality buds. Its asymmetrical structure is a good fit for Screen of Green (ScrOG) cultivation techniques, which will help maximize yield and trichome production. Its dense, crystalline buds are a visual feast with varying shades of green interwoven with a deep purple hue that is coated in glistening trichomes.

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